The delight of being in a healthy relationship.

Cheesiness is my name and I don’t care. Love you, babe.

I’ve been single most of my life. Always hanging out with people, but never in a serious relationship, never for real. I’d rather be single and happy than with the wrong partner. If I’m gonna spend most of time and energy with one person, it better be a fucking awesome person. So here’s what I’ve learned ever since I found this good soul that I call my girlfriend.

Mental health: top notch! I’m in the opposite of an abusive relationship, so the feels are opposite as well. It feels like having your favorite food, whenever you want and you never get of sick of it, the opposite actually. It keeps bring you happiness! As I said to her, I love her more than all my favorite foods together, and I want to share all my meals with her because she is just incredible and makes my heart melt and makes me write cheesy stuff like this. Happiness and gratitude, these are the feels.

I discovered the pleasures of having a great person by my side, that loves me and supports me every day. The intimacy we have is something I’ve never had before because it includes great chemistry, connection, respect, love. Put all of this together and you’re on a good path to be happy with someone.

I discovered I am enough, I’m lovable. To see someone who loves me despite my flaws showed me I also love myself this way. Because we spend so much time together, I learned to say when something’s wrong and I’m not comfortable with the situation, as well when I did something wrong and I hold myself accountable for my mistakes.

She appreciates my beauty, my body, my talents, my opinions, my way of living my life, my big goals.

Her support in every single decision I take is incredible. Because there is no need for her to say anything, I know that for any of this decisions she’ll be there, whether helping me get back up, keep going or just celebrating. She’s just there, by my side, being awesome and making me feel awesome.

She’s so true to herself and to what she believes that, without knowing, she gives me the strength to do the same, on a daily basis. All of these insights I have while spending time with her makes me get in touch with my deepest feelings and insecurities and deal with them. It constantly makes me be a better person.

There’s is so much more that can be said about healthy relationships. But to sum up, to be in a healthy relationship is to fully love yourself, and have someone by your side that loves you the same way. Is about growing individually, but together.







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