Life is a “we” and not a “me” thing.

Yesterday, I watched a serious of TEDx talks, which I have the habit of doing when I’m bored or looking for answers. Strangely, I saw 3 TEDx that had very much in common. Not at first. But when I started to think about them altogether, they basically say the same thing:

You need other people in order to achieve something good in life. Whether is happiness, a dream or a memorable project.

One of the TEDx was “The 5 people you need to be happy”, by Stacey Flowers. Stacey says that you need these five people to get somewhere good in life where your happy with yourself, your work and who you are as a whole.

A Cheerleader, a mentor, a coach, a friend, and a peer.

The other video was “Isolation is the dream killer, not your attitude”, by Barbara Sher.

Here, Barbara, a very funny lady tells how the social groups brought revelation to her. It doesn’t matter if you have a good or bad attitude about what you want. What matters is the people around you that can make this happen. She created social groups where somebody would say what was they wish in life and what was the obstacle to achieve it. Amazing stories came from this experience. Amazing ones.

The last video I couldn’t find, because I forgot the name of the video (Oops), but it talked about how to create memorable things.

To make sweet and short he said that when you take very experienced people in an area and put to improvise something together, memorable ideas are created. Like the album “Kind of Blue” from Miles Davis where he put all his band in a studio, press record and asked his band to improvise. Today, this album is a reference in jazz music. In the end, he realizes that you need empathy, humility and true connections to create something that will be memorable.

So, after watching all of them, I remembered that quote from the movie Into the wild, that says “Happiness is only real when shared”. So that opened my eyes that whatever I want to do, I need people with me. I need to connect with other human beings, be vulnerable, ask for help, improvise and help others.

Together, my friends, we’re always stronger. Let’s reach out more, please. You are not, and shouldn’t be, alone.



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